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New Aeronautical & Nautical maps available

dave : 9 June 2013 18:31 : Library Blog

We’ve uploaded approximately 150 new aeronautical and nautical maps including several new aeronautical maps to expand our coverage in that area.  We’ve had several historic aeronautical maps under different geographical areas for a while.  These expand our online coverage to include VFR terminal maps.

The nautical maps we’ve added cover mostly the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.  They include larger scale maps as well as some small scale highly detailed maps.

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6,000 Maps!

admin : 1 June 2013 16:11 : Library Blog

We’re in the process of completing the upload of our latest scans which will put our online offering at 6,023 maps.  The latest 183 maps are another mix of locations and map types.  Included in the set are large scale maps of the United States, aeronautical maps as well as a small selection of Canadian Topographic maps.

We’re also working on cleaning up some of the map descriptions to allow search engines to find the maps in the directory.

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New search functions

admin : 25 April 2013 13:23 : Library Blog

We have added a new search function to our online historic map table of contents.  It’s located on top of the page and is meant to help aide in the finding of content on our site.

We are also working on tweaking and updating a couple of other search features that we have: the historic map index and the New England Placename Database.  These two tools are highly useful but need updating and we are working on that.  Stay tuned!


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Latest uploads

admin : 25 April 2013 13:11 : Library Blog

We are in the process of completing some uploads of approximately 180 new maps.  The maps are primarily Army Map Service/Defense Mapping Agency maps of the U.S. but include some unique items such a full set of 1:50,000 maps of Java (Indonesia); a complete set of 1972 property maps for Cumberland, MD; two atlases of Utah dating to the 19th century and a completion of Comstock Lode maps that we had previously started scanning.

The Atlases represent some of the older items in our collection as we try to focus on 20th century and later maps but occasionally dip into the 19th century realm.  We have more and will be adding those shortly.

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Scanning Plan

dave : 12 April 2013 07:21 : Library Blog

Over the past few months we took a scanning hiatus and during that time we worked on a strategy to work from for scanning our collection.  Our first priority is going to be to scan any new acquisitions to the collection which includes anything that we have not cataloged yet.  We have a number of sets that we have acquired which includes:

  • Global nautical charts
  • Oil/Gas maps
  • USGS 7.5′ series maps

Once we get past these, we will start scanning our collection in a chronological order which should ensure a nice mix of maps being made available from different areas.

We hope that ours will be known as an eclectic mix of maps that cannot be found online elsewhere!

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New acquisitions

admin : 12 April 2013 07:12 : Library Blog

Thanks to the generosity of Cleveland State University, we have acquired a number of USGS 7.5′ topo maps and in the coming months we will be working on adding those to our collection as part of our endeavor to scan and make available new acquisitions before putting them in our stacks.

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New uploads

admin : 12 April 2013 07:08 : Library Blog

After a few months hiatus, we have begun scanning maps from our collection again. Some of these maps are in new categories that will soon be filling up. These include nautical charts and Army Map Service/Defense Mapping Agency maps in the U.S.

As you may know, we try not to focus our scanning on one particular area but rather hit a number of different places. In this way we can provide content to a wide variety of patrons. We are are scanning our collection chronologically rather than geographically.

Look for more of these types of maps covering different regions coming soon.

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All maps are now available

dave : 1 February 2013 20:55 : Library Blog

It’s taken a while for all the maps that we have have available to upload to the server but they are now all uploaded and are available for viewing.  We’re still working on some of the tools but the “old” tools should still be available.

If you have any questions or spot something that is not working correctly, please let us know!

Dave –

Andrea –

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andrea : 26 January 2013 08:19 : Library Blog

Hello, my name is Andrea Broer.  I will be helping my husband, Dave, bring to life some of the fantastic resources of this map library.  We hope you enjoy browsing the resources we’ve made available so far.  Come back often!  We will be adding more maps frequently.

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dave : 25 January 2013 20:15 : Library Blog

My name is David Broer and I am the founder of the Broer Map Library.  I have been a map, atlas and travel ephemera collector most of my life and I’m happy to share my collection with those who don’t have access to a map library.  About 10 years my father donated his collection of maps to me and our family affair with maps began in earnest.  We began cataloging and archiving our maps and making them available to people by appointment.  My wife, Andrea, a librarian and a historian joins us and will be posting here to highlight maps and atlases from our collection.

I truly hope that as this collection of online maps grows that you will find our offerings helpful and useful in your endeavors!

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