6,000 Maps!

We’re in the process of completing the upload of our latest scans which will put our online offering at 6,023 maps.  The latest 183 maps are another mix of locations and map types.  Included in the set are large scale maps of the United States, aeronautical maps as well as more »

New search functions

We have added a new search function to our online historic map table of contents.  It’s located on top of the page and is meant to help aide in the finding of content on our site. We are also working on tweaking and updating a couple of other search features more »

Latest uploads

We are in the process of completing some uploads of approximately 180 new maps.  The maps are primarily Army Map Service/Defense Mapping Agency maps of the U.S. but include some unique items such a full set of 1:50,000 maps of Java (Indonesia); a complete set of 1972 property maps for more »

New acquisitions

Thanks to the generosity of Cleveland State University, we have acquired a number of USGS 7.5′ topo maps and in the coming months we will be working on adding those to our collection as part of our endeavor to scan and make available new acquisitions before putting them in our more »

New uploads

After a few months hiatus, we have begun scanning maps from our collection again. Some of these maps are in new categories that will soon be filling up. These include nautical charts and Army Map Service/Defense Mapping Agency maps in the U.S. As you may know, we try not to more »

Our new site is live!

We have been online for more than 10 years providing access to an eclectic collection of maps for people who would ordinarily not have access to them.  Earlier today we “turned on” our new site and starting routing traffic to the new site. We’ve tried to make sure that all more »

Welcome to our new site!

We’d like to welcome everyone to our new site and our new blog.  We hope to use this tool to keep you updated with what we are doing and when we add new features. We can also use this to highlight maps from our collection and provide educational opportunities for more »